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Angela M. Gracey | Author | The Way Makers - Ambassadors for Christ, Preparing the Way of the Lord

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Ambassadors for Christ"



ATTENTION:   Ministers-Leaders-Evangelists-Missionaries-Administrative Staff     


This instructional guide is to aid Christians who seek to become "Way Makers" - Ambassadors for Christ - who herald the Good News of Jesus,  and seeks to equip and encourage leaders in ministry to embrace the apostolic call.  The vision was a divine impartation by God to the author, who uses her gifts, experiences and opportunities to train readers for end-time ministry both personally and within their homes/churches.  She challenges readers to channel their passion into their ultimate purpose.  The Way Makers" provides readers with a comprehensive guide to growing and maturing as disciples of Jesus while understanding the call God has placed on each person's life. 


"The author seeks to lay a foundation in Biblical truth and spiritual preparation in the lives of those whom God has called.  Those exposed to this ministry receive inner healing, hope, edification and encouragement.   The guide is supported with scriptures, spiritual insight and author's personal and spiritual testimonies to assist readers in preparing for the greatest role of their lives!  The Bridegroom is coming! The Bride must make herself ready!


Here's what people are saying about "The Way Makers..."


"Angela, the book was great!!! Finished it yesterday. My vocabulary always grows when I listen or read your work; thank you!"

R. Payne, Silver Spring, MD


"My mom ordered your book and started reading it! She said it's really good!"

A. Dew, Laurel, MD


"Don't miss your blessing by not reading this book! The author shares her personal testimonies, and how her passion (to raise up Way Makers all over the world) has turned into purpose. We are in the last days and you want to read this book to get prepared before Jesus returns!"

S. Moore, Silver Spring, MD


"The Way Makers is an easy read; well written, but a child can understand it. The message is clear and easy to follow.  I really enjoyed it!"

B. Williams, Upper Marlboro, MD


Customer Review on

Perfect Title for a Perfect Read

By Rose Varner-Gaskins on June 3, 2015


I have completed almost all of The Way Makers: Ambassadors for Christ and have found the book to be a powerful, warm and spirit filled read. I could hear God's voice leading the writer and found myself nodding in agreement throughout the chapters and saying, to God be the glory. In my search for something that would speak to me as an avid reader, and in a time in my life where I needed an uplift, this did it. I definitely recommend this book to Christians who realize they are called to greater service to prepare the way as children of God.

Rose V G in Columbia, MD

"Members of the Laurel community find friendship and spirituality by the book, with Min. Angela M. Gracey, author of "The Way Makers - Ambassadors for Christ, Preparing the Way of the Lord."

The Laurel Leader - April 9, 2015 Cover


"A comprehensive guide for readers to mature as disciples of Jesus Christ, while understanding the call of God has placed on each person's life."

Xulon Press

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