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Write on Purpose 
Scribal Coaching Program

Have you always wanted to be an author?  To write a book that would share your message and change lives?  Have you struggled under the weight of procrastination?  Or perhaps it's fear that has you bound and keeping you from your God-ordained purpose as a prophetic scribe?  If that's you, "Write on Purpose"(tm) is the answer!  As an author and prophetic scribe, I will walk with you on your journey into the life of the creative.  It will change your life and your power to create!  Learn how to craft your message and put it in print!


Min. Rhonda Bello


Blessings Everyone,
I took Minister Angela Gracey's class
"Write On Purpose" and now I am able to announce that my book will be released by the end of April 2015. I always wanted to write but really did not know any of the 5 "W's"....who, what, when, where, or even why. Min. Angela Gracey gives ALL of herself to her students and we are able to feel the empowerment in each class. If you have NOT signed up for her class but you are interested in writing then I strongly encourage you to take her class. You will NOT be disappointed.


To get your questions answered and get re-energized to fulfill your calling,

sign up here for our FREE Introduction to the "Scribal Master Class:.  

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