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"Write on Purpose!" A New Season

"We're back and God has positioned us for a new season of scribal ministry! With the design of our new logo, and new ebook offerings,

"Write on Purpose" makes a premier encore!

"Write on Purpose!" is an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry for prophetic scribes facilitated by Apostle Angela Gracey, Apostolic Scribal Commander and Coach. We believe all creative expression is inspired by God. Ps. 32:8 We understand that what is visible was created by the invisible. Therefore, we write to reveal, inform, encourage, and edify.

Members of our creative community will receive revelatory teaching, inspiring testimonies, and challenging activities to upgrade your scribal ministry. You will encouraged to pursue all areas of your creative gifting and discover how God wants to use you to impact the world!

The goal of this blog is to inspire and encourage writers to discover purpose in artistic expression. That purpose must align with our divine calling. Regardless of genre, we value written and oral expression based on Biblical truths and a Biblical and Apostolic world view. Each participant will be empowered and encouraged to embrace their unique scribal anointing and message and ultimately, share that message with the world.

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